United to end the violence against women .Break the silence. When you witness violence against women and girls, do not sit back. Act.




Violence against women and girls is not confined to any particular political or economic system, but it is prevalent in every society in the world. It cuts across boundaries of wealth, race and culture. It is an expression of historically and culturally specific values and standards which are today still executed through many social and political institutions that foster women’s subservience and discrimination against women and girls.

Stop The Violence: Unite The Heart Of The People take all appropriate steps to end violence. However, the continued prevalence of violence against women and girls demonstrates that this pandemic of alarming proportions is yet to be tackled with all the necessary political commitment, action and resources have made some progress and initiatives developed to address and prevent violence against women and girls have increased throughout the island in recent years. However, gaps still remain across the island.



Violence by an intimate partner

The most common form of violence experienced by women globally is physical violence inflicted by an intimate partner, with women beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused.Studies have found that rates of women suffering physical violence perpetrated by a current or former intimate partner range from 6 per cent .Surveys suggest that half of all women who die from homicide are killed by their current or former husbands or partners.


Sexual violence

Sexual violence includes abusive sexual contact, making a woman engage in a sexual act without her consent, and attempted or completed sex acts with a woman who is ill, disabled, under pressure or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.Rates of sexual violence are difficult to establish because in many societies sexual violence remains an issue of deep shame for women and often their families. Statistics on rape from police records, for example, are notoriously unreliable because of significant underreporting.


Sexual violence in conflict


Sexual violence in conflict is a serious, present-day atrocity affecting millions of people, primarily women and girls.

It is frequently a conscious strategy employed on a large scale by armed groups to humiliate opponents, terrify individuals and destroy societies. Women and girls may also be subjected to sexual exploitation by those mandated to protect them.

Women as old as grandmothers and as young as toddlers have routinely suffered violent sexual abuse. Rape has long been used as a tactic of war, with violence against women.


The rape and sexual violation of women and girls is pervasive in the conflict .


Discrimination and violence

Many women face multiple forms of discrimination and increased risk of violence. Factors such as women’s ethnicity, caste, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability will influence what forms of violence they suffer and how they experience it.



The costs of violence against women are extremely high. They include the direct costs of services to treat and support abused women and their children and to bring perpetrators to justice.The indirect costs include lost employment and productivity, and the costs in human pain and suffering.