THE PRIMARY GOAL OF UNITE JAMAICA PEOPLE is to achieve THE NATIONAL EMPOWERMENTOF THE MASSES AND TRANSFORMATION OF THE NATION to ensure a more gentle society that is crime free,more civic minded, morally engaged with citizens who are respectful of themselves, their neighbours and their environment.


UNITE JAMAICA PEOPLE intend to utilize all appropriate means to become the beacon of change for the Jamaican Society by positively impacting mindsets of all individuals and groups participating in the Jamaican experience, whether on the island or in the diaspora.


To accomplish the goals of UJP several areas of intervention will be impacted as we seek to accomplish our Mission





a.Against women and children

b.Domestic violence

c.Gangs and communities


3. Education and Training

4. Community Development and Enterprize

5. National Security and Justice System

6. Vulnerable Communities (Disabled and homeless)

7. Environment and Healthy Lifestyle


Goal 1: Re-socialization of a people




Over the past several decades we have witnessed the decline in the levels of discipline, morals and values within our society. This decline can be attributed to many factors both of local and international influence on the psyche of the people. The degradation in the social fabric has resulted in several maladies in our social system which has resulted in negative impacts in the society which is manifested in higher levels of crime and criminal activity, a harder more callous and disrespectful generation of persons, declines in values and attitudes and a general apathy to civic and environmental responsibility.


UJP  intervention

In impacting the re-socialization process it is the intent of UJP under the National Empowerment and Transformation process to seek to implement several strategic programs supported with relevant projects aimed at changing “mindsets” and creating awareness of positive gains to be achieved in adopting a more gentle and inclusive approach to social issues while inculcating tenets of morals,good attitudes and respect .


Goal 2  :Crime and Violence in the Society




Statistics have dubbed Jamaica as a Nation with a highly disproportional crime rate per capita. The effects of this wide spread recognition is evident and has resulted in much pain,hardship and avoidance of the country as a suitable place to raise families,do business,vacation or invest. This very negative reality and perception has caused immeasurable hardship for the country and the masses

UJP intervention


A.Against the most vulnerable (Women &Children)


For too long,and now with greater frequency our  women and children are under attack at now a very alarming rate .

The primary goal of UJP will be the implementation of a unification and strengthening of all lobby and advocacy groups dealing with the gender ,children and women’s issues. We intend to unify all stakeholders for the common cause of a “frontal” attack on this issue. We intend to bring stronger local and international awareness to the problem,while implementing empowering strategies ,programs and projects to strengthen areas such as education,self defence ,discipline,confidence building ,self respect and greater independence for women .The issue of the sex trade and body parts marketing has not escaped attention and interventions geared at sensitizing and implementing strategies to deter these actions will receive full attention. The UJP campaign will seek to enjoin the government,the police force and all civic minded citizens to assist with the eradication of crime against the most vulnerable within our society. The mission will seek to have the strengthening and  enforcement of national laws to address and punish all forms of violence against women and children.


B.Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is a very difficult and sometimes a very intimate matter which require a special intervention. This issue is a societal malady that impacts outside the confines of the physical or emotional act as the health care,justice and other social system become affected to the detriment of the nation as a family.

Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviours used by persons in relationship usually to control others ,Victims may be spouces, relatives of all categories, cohabitators , although usually noting that women are primarily the victims can be inflicted one in a relationship.

UJP intervention.


Our primary focus is to prevent any act of domestic violence and the solution for avoidance rests with the empowerment of victims and potential victims. We note that this malady is usually linked to “bullying” and subjugation and there are usually signs that are detectable prior to the actual “assault” or threat. The goal of the UPJ resides in education and building awareness and as a mandate the aim would be to unite all groupings advocating for an end to this social practice and implement programs and projects to assist victims in “escaping” the threat and providing avenues of expression and independence while staying aware of and dealing with the safety issues involved.



C. Gangs and Communities




The gang culture in Jamaica has emerged over the last five decades and have wreaked havoc in communities across Jamaica with significant illicit ,immoral and criminal activity. The advent of gangs can be traced to political “donmanship” which has evolved and morphed into our culture as the influence has spread to include our educational institutions and the music industry. The scourges of the gang influence have resulted in much dislocation to families and the destruction of total communities while propelling the murder rate for the country to alarming proportions.


UJP Intervention


An intervention that seek to identify, coordinate and Unite all advocates against violence within and outside of the country to stimulate and bring awareness to the negative effects of crime in general but more specifically to the effects of gang related violence in the country. The goal of UJP is to join forces with the National Security organizations and all other stakeholders to develop programs and projects strategically designed to assist with community re socialization and involving the vulnerable youth by channelling their time and energy into positive and productive activity aimed at developing their skill and empowering them to be worthwhile upstanding citizens…Programs involving specialized club membership, education,environmental activities,sporting and musical participation will be at the forefront of the intervention.


Goal 3 : Education and Training




Education and training is by far the most impacting social tool that any civilized society can embrace. The successful implementation of an All inclusive Education and training program could be the best investment any nation can make in the progressive development of it people who are its most important resource.


In Jamaica the emphasis for too long has been focused on academic education to the detriment of socially impacting areas such as civic responsibility, life skills, morality, socially acceptable values and respect for self, neighbour, community, environment and nation.


UJP Intervention


Probably the most significant single intervention of UJP will be the implementation of a resocialization program which has as key elements a proposal to be submitted to the GOJ regarding impacting changes to be introduced in the education system to be dubbed “ National transforming through Education and resocialization”. It will be the clear goal of the ujp to engage and unite All education related stakeholder groups and to implant the concept of resocialization for a unanimous buy in and coordinated approach for the timely implementation to achieve an urgent redefining societal impact.


Goal 4 : Community Development and Enterprize


Communities are the anchor point of all civilized societies .In classic terms a community can be defined as a “group of people living in the same locality or having a common bond or ownership while utilizing resources and sharing facilities and experiences’.There are approximately eight hundred and fifty recorded “communities” throughout Jamaica.The combined actions and resources of these communities define Jamaica and dictate the future of the country.


UJP Intervention


With the use of strategic and new concepts UJP intend to make a significant impact on several issues in Jamaica by primarily Uniting all communities around a common vision while implementing programs and projects specifically designed to sustain the mission of developing enterprise for job creation and stabilization while empowering and introducing transformational systems. All stakeholder internal and external interest groups will be engaged and mobilized for the fulfilment of the ultimate Mission.


Goal 5 : National Security and Justice System


Peace and tranquillity will never be achieved in a system where there is no justice or perceived Justice. Much of the maladies of the Jamaican society can be traced to a belief and in many scenarios a knowledge that the Justice system cannot be relied on for time and just “fair play” .In all aspects there are noted deficiencies in the justice system from infrastructure, efficiency, adequacy to enforcement, implementation and declarations.


UAJ Interventions


As a body concerned with advocacy, Ujp will seek to unify all stakeholders in the areas of National Security and justice and facilitate programs and projects aimed at restoring confidence in the National Security and Justice systems of the country. Innovated programs and projects will be introduced for implementation to ensure that work in all other targeted areas are not undermined because of a weak and ineffective National security and Justice administrative system.


Goal 6 : Vulnerable Communities (Disabled and Homeless)




Two of the most underserved and ignored communities within the Jamaican society are the disabled and the Homeless .Although there are groups which advocate their interest, the interventions are usually less than desirable usually because of a lack of resources and reliable spokes persons .The plight of these two groups are an indictment on our social structure as not enough is done to empower and ensure stability and opportunity to break free of the obstacles in the path of their development and full integration in the society.


UJP Intervention


The UJP intend to be a coordinator and representative voice for the underprivileged and oppressed in the society and will seek to coordinate and unite all the representatitive stake holders in these areas while developing and implementing sustainable projects and programs for actualizing solutions that will impact the Vulnerable communities in our society


Goal 7: Environment and Healthy LifeStyle


Of significant concern is the degradation of the Environment in which we must live ,breathe,raise our families and survive. The “throw away” mentality has consumed our environment and promises to destroy our eco systems as we experience more plastic deposits,greater chemical use,more unhealthy toxic substances in the air we breathe,damage to our aquifers and a myriad other polluting elements. The need to sustain a clean environment and maintain a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated as we seek to remove the burden from our health care facilities and enjoy a clean Nation.


UJP Intervention


There are numerous advocacy and practicing environmental and life style awareness groups,however as it most cases they are splinteres. The goal of UJP is to unify these groups for a common cause and bring resources to bear for the implementation of strong sustainable programs and projects to impact this very important developmental area of our society.