National Empowerment and Transformation  of the Jamaican Society is seen as an important paradigm for the resocialization of a people who have been subjected to decades of a declining social and economic order.  Of immediate concern to our organization is the continued and sustained incidence of violence in the society particularly the recent upsurge which has been affecting our women and children.

From an abundance of concern Unite Jamaica People have decided to Launch a campaign to be dubbed, Stop The Violence:Unite The Heart Of The People.


This campaign aims to raise public awareness and stimulate political will ,engage civil society and  garner resources for preventing and ending all forms of violence in JAMAICA.,

The  vision of the campaign Stop The Violence : Unite The Heart Of The People is for a Jamaica free from violence. This vision can only be realized through meaningful actions and on going political commitments of national governments, backed by the support of all civic minded citizens and organizations who recognize the debilitating effects that continued violence will have on the society and the likely fall out in all other sectors.The mission to Stop The Violence: Unite The Heart of The People will need dedicated persons coupled with a strategic plan and  adequate resources to actualize.

Stop The Violence : Unite The Heart Of The People campaign is calling on the governments, civil society, women’s organizations, men, young people, the private sector, the media and the entire Jamaica system to join forces and unite in addressing this urgent national pandemic.

Through its advocacy initiatives at the Diaspora ,regional and national levels,  Stop The Violence : Unite The Heart Of The People campaign is working to mobilize individuals,communities and a wide stake holder base. In addition to supporting the longstanding efforts of women’s and civil society organizations, the campaign is actively engaging with men, young people, celebrities, artists, sports personalities, private sector both within Jamaica and the wider diaspora to get on board to assist the mission.



Stop the Violence : Unite the heart of the people Goals

Adoption and enforcement of national laws to address and punish all forms of violence against women and girls, in line with international human rights standards.

  • Adoption and implementation of multi-sectoral national action plans that emphasize prevention and that are adequately resourced.

  • Establishment of data collection and analysis systems on the prevalence of various forms of violence against women and girls to use in the designing of strategic programs and projects to reverse and ultimately eliminate trends.

  • Establishment of national and/or local campaigns and the engagement of a diverse range of civil society advocates in preventing violence and in supporting women and children who have been abused.

  • Systematic efforts to address violence in conflict situations and to protect the most vulnerable especially women and girls from rape and other abuses,

  • To undertake mission to ensure the full implementation and enforcement of related laws and policies to deter offenders from participating in the anti-social behaviour aligned with crime and violence.

  • To seek avenues for developing and implementing social and economic projects and programs to impact behavioural changes and stimulate occupation and economic developmental activities.


  • Paramount to the establishing of the campaign will be the development of a strategic team and a united collaboration of members primarily of Jamaicans and their friends,supporters and sympathizers who will be engaged  to assist in the re-socialization empowerment and transformation process .

    The team Director/Coordinator : Ms. Simone Myrie

    Background:Many More to be added after posting in IAJ-NET Movement Page



    Persons,organizations,groupings from a coalition of Social media,other mass media,private sector,friends of Jamaica, the diaspora and within communities and organizations throughout Jamaica will be engaged in all aspects of the Campaign.


  • The launch –March and Mass Rally

  • The establishment of Social empowerment Clubs (Male Female)

  • The establishment of Music enterprise for Transformation