To be the beacon of change for the Jamaican Society by positively impacting mindsets of all individuals and groups participating in the Jamaican experience, whether on the island or in the diaspora.The targeted intervention will focus on the moral and value systems to positively influence character and ensure that the product of the daily activities of all shape the society in which they live to stimulate a gentler, peaceful, respectful, just and productive environment that guarantees a better quality of life for all those participating in the transformational process.




To intervene in every home, institution, community and the nation at large through the implementation of programs and project which will have a positive mind altering effect upon all Jamaicans regardless of status, to ensure that all are fully engaged and empowered to assist in the National development and Transformation process.

Message from: Unite Jamaica People  Campaign Director & Coordinator: Simone Myrie




These few short words sum up for many the sentiments we wish to convey for Jamaica in all facets of life as we reflect on the carnage, indiscipline and general degradation of society. We wish to make a very special appeal at this time to all perpetrators and instigators to STOP THE VIOLENCE and help to Unite the Heart of the people to ensure a brighter and better future

for Jamaica.


We cannot hope to have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we retard the progress of our country and blight the prospects of our brothers and sisters as we all strive to emancipate ourselves from the historic maladies we have encountered.


Throughout history, there have been many social movements for change 

for democracy, for the abolition of slavery, women's rights, education of our children,for peace, for the environment . Many advancements have been made, but each of these causes is just part of larger wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.


These diverse movements for thousands of different causes are beginning

to converge and a more holistic movement for the Empowerment of a people and Transformation is emerging and being encouraged as we strive to touch lives in our own country with the hope of eventually encapsulating cultures universally.


The National Empowerment and Transformation Movement for Peace

and prosperity aims to Unite Jamaica by engaging the strengths of existing organizations and individuals to create a culture of peace ,respect ,high moral standards ,and a more gentle society mindful of all sectors of its population and environment.


We as  JAMAICANS have the ability to achieve, if we engender the

necessary goodwill, a common sense of purpose coupled with a renewed culture of peace, productivity and ethics all packaged to keep us focused on transforming our people for a better quality of life.


"We must inoculate our children against misplaced militarism, by educating them in the spirit of pacifism... examples by some of our social commentators through rhetoric and song must be reconditioned to temper and remove the glorification of war and disrespect to our women and children.


We cannot continue to tolerate and encourage in any way, shape or form the continued indoctrination of our children with hatred and a lack of civic pride and responsibility. We must teach peace rather than war, love rather than hate. We must embrace a culture of peace as an important reinforcer and essential element for the foundation of our efforts for progress and transformation of our society.


Let us join our efforts toward building the unshakable foundations for a culture of peace.God Bless you all and God Bless Jamaica.





Together We Can

You can make a difference...If you REALLY want to...Be the change you want to see

Together We Are Strong
The AOB/UJP Homeless community dental clinic undertaken by UTECH's college of oral sciences and supported by the National Health Fund serviced twenty participants on 25/11/2017 making a total exceeding 100 members of the homeless community to have received treatment at the dental clinic


Dr. Mary Alexander, a Periodontist Specialist of the Howard University and Maryland Dental School in collaboration with UTECH's College of Oral Health Sciences conducted a symposium for dental practioners in special oral care procedures.Members of the homeless community benefited from the advanced techniques being utilised under the auspice of Association of Businesspersons (AOB)/Unite Jamaica People (UJP).

UJP/AOB 2017 Christmas Dinner

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A milestone is reached..UWI's faculty of Medical Sciences, Professor Jackson advising members of the homeless community of collaboration between UJP/AOB and the University to provide medical services for the homeless commencing in 2018. Occasion was a Christmas dinner and bonding session between students and faculty and the homeless community.

Unite Jamaica People / Association Of Businesspersons were blessed to have provided a Christmas dinner for approx 100 members of the homeless community at Peter's Lane downtown Kingston..

UJP/AOB 2018 Christmas Dinner

Unite Jamaica People /Association of Businesspersons  visited needy family and presented gift box donated by our unity partner Chanwell foundation...Blind dependent living in deplorable condition also visited and assisted.